About us

We areBNM Finance

We are one of the largest teams of accounting, business analytics and financial management experts in Lithuania, helping customers to more effectively manage the company’s finances and related processes. To do this, we use our methodicalness and advanced IT tools, while our professional curiosity is an incentive for constantly searching for ways to create even more value. 


⸻ Experience

12 years of vigorous growth 

We have been growing steadily for 12 years. We know how to achieve this, so we share this experience with our customers, inspiring them for a breakthrough. 

We do not mystify our success. We know that we are among the market leaders only thanks to our professional team. A progressive approach to financial process management, a wide range of services, a desire to innovate in a targeted way using cutting edge technology and professional competencies are the reasons for our success.  

We were one of the first in the market to robotise accounting processes, and recently brought a new trend to the market by deploying a PowerBI analytics tool to all our customers ensuring that they manage their finances even more intelligently by seeing the situation in real time. Successful experience in innovation and team’s know-how allow us to go even further – today we help customers to automate not only accounting but also personnel management processes. All this is like a second nature to us because it is progressive. As a result, there have been hardly any printed document in our office for a number of years, even though we manage records of several hundred companies on a daily basis. This is how advanced our level of digitisation is, but the need for targeted innovation to create value for customers and strengthen their distinctiveness is even more advanced. Therefore, we continue to nurture that and expand our team’s approach by investing heavily in new knowledge. 

⸻ Values

What do we live for? 

A responsible partnership that shares risks and benefits 

Maximum involvement of employees in developing a company culture

A culture of innovation

Awareness and continuous improvement 

Non-tolerance to bureaucracy and unnecessary processes 

Flexibility and constant search for the best results 

We are part of an even larger community 

We are constantly seeking knowledge to help us develop our professional services and keep you informed about innovation. This is one of the reasons why we have been an active member of the Association of Lithuanian Accounting Firms for a number of years. 


More competencies than expected 

We have long understood that the progressiveness of an activity is determined not only by the depth of competencies, but also by the breadth of approach. It helps to solve challenges systematically, maximise the quality of services, increase efficiency and their value. As a result, we at BNM Finance have significantly more to offer than can be expected from a service provider in our field of activities: our team comprises of experienced accountants, financial executives with vast experience, business process analysts, technology experts and programmers, as well as legal and tax experts. Because of this set of competencies, we are unique and competitive in the value we create. 


Meet the team of experts 

We are BNM Finance, a team of dedicated experts who work together on a daily basis to provide our customers with the best financial accounting advice.