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Legal services for businesses and individuals 

Accounting and finance are inseparable from legal and tax issues, therefore we provide the necessary legal assistance to businesses and individuals on various issues in Lithuanian, Russian and English. 

This includes consulting on tax law, managing obsolete debts, and establishing and representing companies in court. 

We will help you find your way through the labyrinths of tax law 

Tax law is an integral part of business. Many face tax challenges and find it difficult to find solutions to confusing, ever-changing legislation on their own. Our team of experienced lawyers will help you find your way through these labyrinths of tax law, represent your interests in the institutions and prepare the necessary documents.

We will handle

  • Registration of companies in the VAT register
  • Representation during tax inspections
  • Advising on double taxation and tax optimisation
  • Advising on declarations of assets and income
  • Representation in disputes with SoDra and the State Tax Inspectorate
  • Optimisation of the tax administration process

Obsolete debt management will help you recover what you have earned 

Obsolete debt often poses serious financial challenges. Recovering what you earn requires not only perseverance and negotiation skills, but also legal knowledge, which is why BNM Finance provides this service with the help of our experienced team of lawyers. Our experienced specialists will ensure that these sensitive issues are communicated to your customers in a diplomatic and respectful manner.

We will handle

  • Debtor solvency check and assessment of recovery perspective
  • Preparation and administration of creditor claims (promissory note, surety agreement, debt offsetting agreement, debt payment schedule, etc.)
  • Legal debt recovery: preparation of claims and representation in court
  • Advising on pre-trial and judicial debt collection and debt enforcement issues

Company establishment by starting or expanding a business 

If you have decided to expand by opening another company or are planning to start a business for the first time, we can help you with all the legal issues of starting a business and prepare the documents necessary for launching a business. We have done this many times, so we can fully coordinate the entire business start-up process from registering a name to opening a bank account, thus saving you time and ensuring that the process goes smoothly.

We will handle

  • Business start-up consultancy
  • Company name registration
  • Providing a company registration address Preparation and coordination of incorporation documents with relevant institutions
  • Company registration in the Register of Legal Entities Representation in opening bank accounts
  • Representation in a notary public office and/or State Enterprise Centre of Registers
  • Registration of companies in the VAT register

Legal resolution of conflicts 

Once there is a conflict, it is important to end it without losses. We know the law well and understand the business interests, so we can offer you the path that would be the most advantageous for you. Therefore, in dealing with legal issues, we are committed to reliably defending your interests in pre-trial authorities and courts, representing you in state or municipal institutions and other organisations, performing quality work and ensuring the confidentiality of the process.

We will handle

  • Advice on choosing the most favourable way of resolving disputes in court proceedings
  • Development of a dispute strategy
  • Preparation of claims, statements, applications and other procedural documents
  • Representation of a company in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings
  • Enforcement of judgements

Smooth company liquidation process 

If you have to liquidate the company and do not know where to start – BNM Finance specialists are here to help you. We provide professional legal assistance and business advice on all issues related to the liquidation and deregistration of companies. Our experience and consistent practice will ensure smooth processes.

We will handle

  • Advising on company liquidation issues
  • Deregistration of a company or other legal entity
  • Preparation and coordination of liquidation documents with relevant institutions
  • Representation in disputes with the tax administrator or in other stages of the company’s liquidation
  • Public announcement about the liquidation of the company

Meet our experts 

We are BNM Finance, a team of dedicated experts who work together on a daily basis to provide our customers with the best financial accounting advice. 

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Meet our experts 

We are BNM Finance, a team of dedicated experts who work together on a daily basis to provide our customers with the best financial accounting advice.

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