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PowerBI business analytics for smart business management 

Business analytics with PowerBI allows medium-sized and large businesses to monitor their performance in real time and make informed business decisions. It allows to conveniently (even on your phone) monitor sales volumes, finances, inventory levels, customer profitability, balance of arrears or other data in the sections required by the company.  

We have experience in refining the need for business analytics, implementing customised configurations, and developing data-driven insights and recommendations for business improvement. 

The value of PowerBI for business 

In business, decisions are often made with flair because the analysis of the data they require takes a lot of time. As a result, the risk of business decisions increases, and real performance gaps that limit development potential often go unnoticed. PowerBI tool helps to comprehensively monitor the company’s progress, increase operational efficiency and reduce the risk of decisions.

Analytics will help to

  • Systematise the work of the company
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Save working capital Increase operational efficiency
  • Easily plan for future cash flows
  • Easily calculate the profitability of services or goods sold
  • See the return on investment projects Increase business profitability
  • Save time on data collection and analysis
  • Adapt the monitoring of data indicators according to the responsibilities of employees, thus reducing the flow of redundant information and making their work more efficient
  • Objectively assess the current situation

PowerBI tool video presentation

Content of report  

  • Overview – analysis of the company’s general indicators, comparison with previous periods and budget 
  • Effectiveness – analysis of specific company indicators 
  • Revenue – revenue analysis, comparison with previous periods 
  • Expenses – expense analysis, comparison with previous periods 
  • Revenue & Expenses changes – a detailed comparison of revenue and expenses with previous periods 
  • Balance – detailed balance 
  • Profit & Loss – profit and loss statement, comparison with previous periods 
  • Budget – budget planning, comparison with the real situation and previous periods 
  • Budget detail – detail budget planning, comparison with the real situation and previous periods 
  • Cash overview – analysis of cash flows from previous periods 
  • Cash In/Out by Month and by type – detailed analysis of cash flows from previous periods by expense types 
  • Customer analysis – customer analysis, customer solvency history 
  • Accounts receivable overview – an overview/summary of receivables 
  • Receivable details – detailed analysis/statistics of receivables 
  • Overdue by invoice date – detailed debt analysis by periods Debt/sales by year, months 
  • Overdue by manager – detailed debt analysis by managers 
  • Open accounts payable – details of unpaid invoices 
  • Sales detail – detailed sales overview by months and customers 
  • Sales changes – sales detail/comparison by service/product groups 
  • Services profitability – Profitability report by service/product group by months 
  • Profitability by Manager – profitability report/analysis by managers/customers 
  • Employees – analysis of employee dismissal/employment 
  • Payroll – details of employees’ salaries, a report of all other benefits received 
  • Movement of stocks – movement of warehouse goods, profitability 
  • Stock balance – detailed stock overview 
  • Fixed Assets – breakdown of fixed assets by asset groups 
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