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Professional coordination of business process automation and modernisation 

Rapidly evolving technologies, growing amounts of data and increasing pace are driving businesses to modernise and digitalise their internal processes. Because the choice of business management systems is huge and internal processes are very complex, it is easy to get lost or trapped in a process modernisation project without even moving to the implementation phase.  

We have an extensive experience in implementing complex business management process modernisation projects, which include not only the integration of many tools and applications, the integration of RPA and AI, but also the unification of different business processes and their efficiency. Therefore, we are an excellent coordinator of change, delving into the specifics of business and activities, clarifying and understanding the needs of interested business units and external parties, and being able to integrate them into a maximally automated system that works harmoniously. 

Save time and money by intelligently automating business processes 

As the business grows, so does the need for business process administration, but unfortunately, when purchasing individual solutions for process automation, the process as an integral whole is forgotten. Therefore, sometimes having many systems does not mean that the processes in the company operating at their maximum efficiency. We can evaluate their effectiveness and identify what is missing so that these systems work even more smoothly with each other and do not require human intervention.

Obviously, the implementation of automated processes is significantly simpler and faster when the company is just starting up, or feels that change is necessary due to the increasing time required for business process administration.

As a rule, most of these processes are at least partly related to accounting, so we have a lot of experience in digitising the administration of personnel documents (staff requests, employment contracts, their modifications, etc.), integrating time and accounting into one system, transferring purchases and sales processes into a modern system, etc.

We will handle

  • Process analysis and identification of efficiency potential
  • Proposing and consulting alternatives to existing tools available on the market
  • Identifying the need for systems integration
  • Formulation of tasks for programmers
  • Planning, coordinating and advising on the change process and budget

Example of a PowerBI report 

  • Overview – analysis of the company’s general indicators, comparison with previous periods and budget
  • Effectiveness – analysis of specific company indicators
  • Revenue – revenue analysis, comparison with previous periods
  • Expenses – expense analysis, comparison with previous periods
  • Revenue & Expenses changes – a detailed comparison of revenue and expenses with previous periods
  • Balance – detailed balance
  • Profit & Loss – profit and loss statement, comparison with previous periods
  • Budget – budget planning, comparison with the real situation and previous periods
  • Budget detail – detail budget planning, comparison with the real situation and previous periods
  • Cash overview – analysis of cash flows from previous periods
  • Cash In/Out by Month and by type – detailed analysis of cash flows from previous periods by expense types
  • Customer analysis – customer analysis, customer solvency history
  • Accounts receivable overview – an overview/summary of receivables
  • Receivable details – detailed analysis/statistics of receivables
  • Overdue by invoice date – detailed debt analysis by periods
  • Debt/sales by year, months
  • Overdue by manager – detailed debt analysis by managers
  • Open accounts payable – details of unpaid invoices
  • Sales detail – detailed sales overview by months and customers
  • Sales changes – sales detail/comparison by service/product groups
  • Services profitability – Profitability report by service/product group by months
  • Profitability by Manager – profitability report/analysis by managers/customers
  • Employees – analysis of employee dismissal/employment
  • Payroll – details of employees’ salaries, a report of all other benefits received
  • Movement of stocks – movement of warehouse goods, profitability
  • Stock balance – detailed stock overview
  • Fixed Assets – breakdown of fixed assets by asset groups

Meet our experts 

We are BNM Finance, a team of dedicated experts who work together on a daily basis to provide our customers with the best financial accounting advice. 

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Meet our experts 

We are BNM Finance, a team of dedicated experts who work together on a daily basis to provide our customers with the best financial accounting advice.

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