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Financial Manager for professional financial management of a company 

Every entrepreneur strives for his finances to be managed in a transparent and methodical manner, pursuant to the highest standards, and the profitability of ongoing projects to e controlled and costs constantly optimised. This guarantees the financial success of business that the financial manager usually stands responsible for.  


We offer a permanent financial manager hire service for smaller companies that would find it inefficient to hire an experienced professional for this job. Meanwhile, for larger companies, the core value will be the broader approach and experience of a financial manager, regardless of whether the business needs ongoing or short-term expert assistance. 

BNM Finance financial managers have many years of experience in large local and international companies in a wide variety of business sectors. Our experts are well aware of the differences between the financial management of typical companies or start-ups, and can accurately identify risks to ensure that they are managed in a timely manner. 

External financial manager hire 

We provide an experienced financial management hiring service for temporary or permanent supervision of business finances. This ensures that the business development is financially balanced and the risks assumed are adequate. For this reason, the financial manager actively participates in the formulation of the company’s financial policy, the company’s planning and day-to-day operations, analyses performance and provides capital management proposals.

The scope of services depends on the individual needs of each customer. The appointed external financial manager is directly accountable to the top management of the company.

Financial manager shall: 

  • Establish criteria for financial indicators, form their overview, allowing managers to objectively assess the results of business operations
  • Monitor and analyse the company’s performance and forecast possible scenarios
  • Participate in the company’s board meetings, strategic and tactical planning, advising on financial issues and anticipating risks
  • Participate in the preparation of budgets and maintain them on a regular basis
  • Advise on working capital and risk management issues, select funding sources and control the distribution of funds
  • Evaluate the payback of development and investment projects
  • Coordinate the work of the accounting department, participates in the development and implementation of accounting forms and methods
  • Provide managers and individual divisions with the necessary financial and operational efficiency information from the company’s databases
  • Represent the company in external financial institutions (banks, insurance, investment companies)
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