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We are one of the largest teams of accounting, business analytics and financial management experts in Lithuania, helping customers to more effectively manage the company’s finances and related processes. To do this, we use our methodicalness and advanced IT tools.  Most importantly, we are a team of numbers. Those that are critical to your success, so we know how to manage them wisely. We think for you and advise you when we see that you can manage your business finances even better. 

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Team of experts

Our team of 130+ experts joins experienced accountants, financial managers, business analysts, process experts, programmers and lawyers. We ensure a complex approach and depth of expertise. 

Wide range of competencies

Our range of services offered from one source is extensive – from accountants, financial manager and business analytics to legal services. Therefore, whether you are planning to expand your business or looking for ways to streamline your business, we are here to help you.

Refined and automated process

We are one of the best financial and accounting process modellers on the market. We have a lot of experience in analysing the activities of companies and creating a system allowing maximum automation. This saves the customer’s time and prevents human error.

Digitised services and integration

We use 6 accounting programmes and a host of other advanced IT tools to successfully digitise customers’ accounting, analyse finances, and provide sound recommendations on what can be done even more effectively. With the help of API and RPA, we integrate our accounting systems with various programmes – from your cash registers to warehouse management programmes.

Exclusive specialist attention

We work with large and small customers, thus, we can balance and plan the work so that each of our accountants keeps records for a limited number of customers. In this way, we ensure that the customer’s tasks are given as much time as necessary for the quality execution of the tasks, and that the issues and problems raised are thoroughly examined.

One-stop-shop principle

When cooperating with customers, we adhere to the one-stop-shop principle, which helps to ensure smooth and efficient communication and to receive a wide range of centrally coordinated services for the customer.

We treat data responsibly

We provide services with a commitment to confidentiality and GDPR compliance. We take this very seriously, so we use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure safety, conduct regular internal audits and organise internal training.

⸻ Processes

Processes that allowmaximum optimisation ofyour companys finances

We always start by streamlining the company’s financial processes. Clear processes allow our clients to manage their finances and cash flows intelligently, ensuring discipline that creates even more room for growth.  

We have our own methodology that we use in this case, the progressiveness of which is confirmed by a number of customer success stories, as well as our experienced team of process experts, accountants and programmers, who ensure that the system created is ideal for your situation and works as precisely as a Swiss watch. 



We get acquainted with the customer’s needs and business processes in order to create the financial management and accounting process that is most suitable for the customer.


Development of methodology

We provide insights into your process analysis and suggest the best methodology for managing your accounting. We create and test a working system by connecting the necessary tools and programming additional integrations.


Involving the team

We train a customer-dedicated specialist by introducing him to the company’s business and accounting processes. We take over the accounting from the former accountant, transfer the necessary data to the newly created system or continue the work in your existing accounting programme and give the necessary authorisations to our team expert.



We keep the accounting according to the methodology developed for you, which, with the help of PowerBI tool, allows you to generate reports automatically in real time or on demand. Digital tools for optimisation of financial management

⸻ Tools

Digital tools forproject optimization

Digitisation of documents

All e-documents we receive from you and the data they contain are scanned by our artificial intelligence (AI) tool, which transmits the processed data to accounting or other integrated programmes. This ensures data security and confidentiality, inaccessibility to third parties, and digitised documents are stored in the easily accessible BNM Finance Sharepoint archive.

Invoicing tools

For those who do not have own warehouse management or invoicing tools, we provide access to the tools that we have created. It is integrated with BNM Finance’s accounting software, thus avoiding duplication of work and customer’s costs.

RPA solutions

We automate repetitive business and accounting processes using the robotic process automation (RPA) method. To do this, we use Microsoft Power Automate solutions, involve our process experts and our programmers with relevant experience. This saves the company’s costs and allows to avoid mistakes.

System integration with API support

With the help of API we integrate our accounting systems with various e-commerce systems, payment processors, warehouse management systems, etc. We already have existing connections with Amazon, Etsy, eBay, shopify,, Woocommerce, Prestashop and other platforms relevant to businesses operating in the field of e-commerce.

Document and purchase invoice management systems

We provide tools for easy collection of invoices from various sources and their digitisation. As a result, your invoices will always be in one place, in-house purchases will be made in a unified manner, the control mechanism will be ensured by the approval of the documents of the appointed persons, and the data will be easily accessible to the accounting team.

Business trip accounting systems

We offer the opportunity to integrate a digital business trip management solution that will help your employees properly process their business trips and provide information about the expenses incurred, while giving managers a convenient overview of planned and actual business trip expenses. We use our own tool to accomplish this.

Administration of leave and other requests

We integrate our existing automation tool to manage employee leave and other requests. It will help reduce the routine bureaucracy and document administration in the company and ensure that documents comply with legal requirements and are all available in one place.

Management of work schedules and timesheets

Our integrated work schedule and timesheet management tool allows to automatically schedule and adjust employee work schedules. It also allows to prepare spreadsheets and timesheet reports. The system can be integrated with the payroll system, which makes it particularly efficient not only for accounting, but also for the administration of staff work organisation.

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